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Meet the Teachers of
Da Vinci International School

Mr. Neil A. Purnell

Neil is a very experienced teacher and comes from the United Kingdom. His classes are fun and educating and his love of science and the logic behind mathematics make him a teacher who pays attention to the fine detail of his teaching. Neil believes that active investigative learning helps students remember subject matter, and therefore his classes are completely student centered.

Head Teacher

Ari Pärnänen

Ari is a professional artist and is familiar with all aspects of art and design; we are very lucky to have him as part of the faculty. After years of practical experience in the fields of art and ICT, Ari is now proud to passing his knowledge and experience to students of DVIS

​History of Science University of Gothenburg

Culture Project Leadership Culture Laboratory, Gothenburg

Painting and Sculpture Gerlesborg Art School, Sweden

Vocational Training for Artistsby The Labor Ministry of Sweden

Art and ICT teacher

Sinead O’Keeffe

Sinead's enthusiasm for teaching becomes obvious when you see they way her pupils respond in her lessons. Born and educated in Ireland, Sinead is relatively new to Thailand, but obviously not to teaching. Sinead enjoys working with learning materials and uses inquiry-based learning to encourage students to discover thinghs for themselves and ask questions. This, she believes, leads to better critical thinking later on in their studies

Grade 1 and Kindergarten

Tian S. Quan

Teacher Tian is a Chinese teacher with more than 10 years of teaching experience. The greatest feature of his teaching is to make the class lively and interesting. According to the characteristics of Chinese teaching in international schools, he has published a series of guidance books on Chinese teaching. At the same time, in guiding students to enter the University for further study, he also has some achievements.